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SPC Flooring In Bathroom

Mayer SPC flooring offers a durable and stylish solution for bathroom flooring. With a range of customizable options, including wear layer, surface treatment, and thickness, our SPC flooring is suitable for various applications and comes with a warranty for peace of mind.
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Product Details

Size:6" x 36" / 6" x 48" / 7"X 48" / 9" x 48"
935 x 150 mm 1220 x 150 mm 1220 x 183 mm 1220 x228mm
Wear Layer:0.3mm 0.5mm 0.7mm
Thickness:3.5mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm
Under Layer:EVA / IXPE
Surface Treatment:UV coating
Features:Waterproof / Anti-Slip /Wear Resistant / Fire Retardant / Sound Barrier
Click Syestem:Unilin, I4F, Valinge-2G, Valinge 5G-1
Warranty:Reisdential 25 years , Commerical 10 years

Is SPC Flooring Good for Bathroom?

SPC flooring is an excellent choice for bathrooms for several reasons:


SPC flooring is highly resistant to water and moisture. 

Its solid core construction prevents water from seeping through the flooring, making it ideal for bathrooms where water spills and humidity are common.


SPC flooring is known for its durability and resilience. 

It can withstand heavy foot traffic, impacts, and daily wear and tear without easily scratching or denting.

Easy Maintenance: 

SPC flooring is easy to clean and maintain. 

Regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and debris, along with occasional mopping with a damp cloth or mild cleaner, keeps it looking new.

Comfort Underfoot: 

Despite its rigid core, SPC flooring can provide a more comfortable feel underfoot compared to ceramic tiles or natural stone. 

This can be especially beneficial in bathrooms where comfort is desired.

Design Options: 

SPC flooring comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, including options that mimic natural materials like wood and stone. 

This allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your bathroom.


Many SPC flooring products feature a click-lock installation system, making them DIY-friendly and quick to install without the need for adhesives. 

This can be advantageous for bathroom renovations or updates.

Overall, SPC flooring combines several advantages, making it a great choice for bathrooms where both style and functionality are important considerations.


Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other residential or commercial spaces.

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